Sherbrooke Lake Park Plan

Key Information


Municipality of the District of Lunenburg


Sherbrooke Lake, Nova Scotia






Viridis Design Studio, SNC Lavalin

Project Overview

EDM was retained by the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg (MODL) in 2018 to produce a park design for Sherbrooke Lake, a natural freshwater lake that has a rich history of use in the area. While access to the Lake is through MODL, the park property is within the Municipality of the District of Chester. A memorandum of understanding between the municipalities was established for design and operation of the park, which included the following key design principles for the park: public access should have an environmental focus; public access should be safe, clean and secure; and, public access should be accessible for the general public.

The master plan presented the layout of the park and the location of park elements including a description of each park element and how it fit within the overall plan, information about materials, permitting considerations, and a class D estimate. The elements included: shoreline swimming, a floating walkway to Shoal Island, a floating swimming raft, a washroom pavilion, gates, a boat launch, picnic area, hiking trails, a natural playground, and pit restoration and wetland creation. Road upgrades, parking areas and garbage/recycling bins were also addressed. The report included the suggested phasing of the park elements, with cost estimates, safety considerations, and a description of an adaptive management approach for the development of the park.

The final plan highlighted the natural features of the landscape, such as the well established forest with a high canopy, streams, wetlands and of course, Sherbrooke Lake. The design has a low impact on the surrounding environment, especially the water quality of the lake, is aesthetically pleasing, and offers a safe user experience.