Liverpool Waterfront Redevelopment Plan

Key Information


Region of Queens Municipality


Liverpool, NS





Project Overview

EDM was retained by the the Region of Queens Municipality to develop a redevelopment plan for the downtown Liverpool waterfront area, focussing specifically on Privateer Park, Centennial Park, the Liverpool waterfront parking lots, Henry Hensey Drive, Market Street, Legion Street, and potential adjacent private properties that are available for development.

The work included a background review, involving research on current uses, past studies, infrastructure assessments, and flood studies. We then initiated the consultation phase of the project which included three main tasks: stakeholder interviews, a public consultation session, and a two-week period in which key stakeholders had the opportunity to provide comments on the summary of findings. Finally, EDM produced a redevelopment plan, recommendations, and next steps.

The plan drew upon the many strengths that were identified, and addressed as many of the weaknesses as possible. The Waterfront and its connection to Main Street and the downtown is an important aspect to the future of Liverpool. Indeed, the waterfront’s beauty and large size make it a strategic asset for the Region. A key consideration in developing the plan was the notion that any redevelopment of the waterfront should be resilient to occasional flooding. The plan essentially reworked and reorganized many of the existing elements and amenities already present so that they work better together, while adding a few targeted elements to achieve the downtown connection. The plan has become a working document that sets out a blueprint to identify opportunities as development occurs to work toward a long term vision. It focusses on the priority areas identified through the consultation process and includes opportunities, challenges, and action steps for implementation.