Eastern Shore Islands Ecological and Recreational Inventory + Analysis

Key Information


Nova Scotia Nature Trust


Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia





Project Overview

In 2017, EDM was retained by the Nova Scotia Nature Trust on behalf of the Wild Islands Tourism Advancement Partnership (WITAP) and Destination Eastern and Northumberland Shores (DEANS) to complete two projects: an Ecological Inventory and Analysis and a Recreational Inventory and Analysis for the Eastern Shore Islands Conservation Area (ESICA). WITAP’s mission was to position and advance Musquodoboit Harbour to Sherbrooke as a dynamic, new in-demand destination offering the best-designed touring, outdoor and nature infrastructure and experiences in Nova Scotia.

EDM’s report provided information regarding recreational (and some traditional use) amenities that were known to exist; amenities that had been identified through a review of data provided by the client group, community stakeholder interviews and public consultations; and, ecological and recreation observation data on amenity/landing sites visited in the field.

A comprehensive public consultation process was undertaken, which included interviews with selected stakeholders, local tourism operators and businesses, private individuals and groups, and two public workshops.

EDM’s report contained, at a landscape level, analysis of the recreational amenities and ecological sensitivities through modeling completed using a geographic information system (GIS). A project geodatabase of spatial information was developed as part of the field work and public consultation process. After reviewing and analyzing all of the information stemming from the consultation, field work, and GIS analysis, a number of recommendations were provided to be considered as part of any future strategic management planning for the ESICA.