Blue Mountain / Birch Cove Regional Park Plan

Project Details


Halifax Regional Municipality


Halifax, Nova Scotia




Under Construction

Project Overview

In 2005, EDM was retained by Halifax Regional Municipality and the Province of Nova Scotia to identify the most appropriate area and boundary for a new regional park. EDM first identified the role of a municipal wilderness park in a near urban setting, and achieved consensus on that vision.

Working with stakeholders and the client, and using a charette process, we then achieved consensus on the most appropriate values/elements/landscapes that should/must be within the boundary to achieve the vision (and also those that should be out). EDM then used suitability analysis (GIS) to model the landscape for these attributes (e.g., archaeological potential, species richness, views, active recreation use potential, water quality protection areas, etc.). The plan emphasizes access from surrounding community areas, regional access locations and an active transportation plan.

In the fall of 2007, the Province of Nova Scotia designated 1,350 hectares of Crown Land as a protected wilderness area within the municipal boundaries of HRM, a positive step toward implementing the plan. EDM’s process achieved consensus on the boundary of what will become Canada’s largest municipal park.

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