Eva Mooers

Environmental Engineer


MASc, P.Eng.





Eva is an Environmental Engineer with 5 years of experience as a consultant in the private sector and academia. She is EDM’s environmental lead and brings her expertise in water resources to the team. She understands how engineering and planning fit together. Most of Eva’s designs begin with a water balance of a site. This and a clear understanding of her clients vision are the basis from which stormwater management plans are designed, be it for a single residential lot or an entire community. She uses her technical training in computer modelling to design and test plans that protect people, property and the environment in a world with a changing climate. She is a wetland assessor and completes field delineations, functions assessments and designs wetland creation, restoration and enhancement projects. Eva manages and obtains environmental approvals with the provincial and federal regulators.

While completing her Master’s, Eva worked for the Centre for Water Resource Studies at Dalhousie University. She was a technical committee member for floodplain studies and has completed phosphorus modelling for urbanizing lakes. Prior to working with EDM she worked in contaminated sites focused on hydrocarbon contamination of groundwater and soil and has done field work in Newfoundland and throughout Labrador.

Eva is a Professional Engineer and holds a Master’s of Applied Science from the department of Civil Resource Engineering at Dalhousie University and is a graduate of the STEWARD (Systems Training and Education in Water Assets Research and Development) program. For her thesis she designed, calibrated and used a modelling approach to quantify the influence of low impact development stormwater management techniques on a groundwater aquifer used as drinking water source.