Comprehensive Master Plan For Peggy's Cove




Project Overview

EDM was retained by Develop Nova Scotia (DNS) in 2019 to develop a comprehensive master plan for the iconic Peggy’s Cove village and surrounding area. The primary objectives of the project were: 1) to determine how to best support the year-round residents of the village in their daily lives, and 2) to identify ways to expand the tourism offer at Peggy’s Cove and expand the number of visitors that can be accommodated, while simultaneously maintaining and enhancing the world-class experience.

The master plan also integrated climate change considerations, particularly sea level rise and storm surge. Cost estimates for the plan’s new infrastructure, including upgraded on-site sewer systems and raising the road to address sea level rise, were provided. The resulting list of projects addressed critical infrastructure deficits, while addressing climate change concerns, and focusing on economic development benefits for the community.

The challenge at Peggy’s Cove was to┬ábalance the two primary objectives. To that end, EDM, along with our team which included The Economic Planning Group of Canada, The PR Hive, Robert Mellin – Architect, Omar Gandhi Architect Inc., SNC Lavalin, and Griffin Transportation Group, created a master plan that proposed short, medium, and long-term strategies developed through an extensive program of community and stakeholder engagement.

The master plan that was created identified and prioritized physical improvements that both enhanced the visitor experience and respected those who live and work in the village; identified the nuances of “Place” that make Peggy’s Cove an icon, as established through craftsmanship, landscape, and materials, and a detailed methodology for choosing materials and forms that respond to the specific qualities of that Place; and, addressed the immediate acute infrastructure needs together with a larger vision of growth, economic activity, sustainability, long term infrastructure challenges, including a governance and management approach to support and achieve those objectives.

More information can be found on Develop Nova Scotia’s project page: